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So, like the title says, I now have a bit more time to do some stuff- including art. Time to finish up a ton of sketches! My good scanner got put in storage, blech, but in the process of moving some stuff, I now have my tablet again, which I haven't had for a little while. And my grandfather's printer does have a scanner, so I can use that. I'm just going to be finishing up some lines, to clean up my sketches, and then it's time for some color and whatnot. Without my tablet, I learned some cool layering techniques, and I'm eager to combine the two now.

I've been having fun with a lot of my sketches lately. Can we say stress relief? XD I haven't found a good place to sit and draw yet, though- it's little bits of art here and there until someone moves me from my spot, even though all of the places where I like to sit and draw are public. I moved to a ridiculous little town that has transient laws- even though I'm not some hobo bag lady, instead an artistic bag lady, my large patchwork art bag of supplies and tools gets me some weird looks. I regularly have to prove where I live, yes I have money and a debit card in my pocket as well as my ID, no, I'm not homeless, I'm just walking and enjoy working outside.

It's getting on my nerves a bit, and being asked all that stuff inevitably ends with me moving to a different spot and then not being in the mood for art. And I can't really draw where I'm living, because my grandparents keep telling me it's "not real work or at all productive". That can also kill a creative mood pretty quick.

Still, I'm a night owl, and I can do my stuff late at night, so I'm just getting into the swing of that. Day, run the errands, get a nap, and be ready for the night. That schedule is only until Mom, Josh, and I move into a place of our own, which should be pretty soon. And in that place, I'll have the drafting desk in my room again, so no worries about a spot there. Also, we're looking into a bigger city than this where I won't stick out like a sore thumb and can sit somewhere to work on stuff.

So things are all good, and there will be art soon enough. Seriously need to consider getting premium membership if I'm going to be back here more often, though, because the ads are killing my computer's load time. XD
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Cheesy monster hunter type shows on Youtube.
  • Reading: Rough drafts of my stuff.
  • Watching: My computer screen.
  • Playing: I wish I had time to play.
  • Eating: I had leftover pizza, it counts.
  • Drinking: Monster Java coffee, Irish cream flavored.

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