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So, I went for a walk to get my mail, and ended up helping a little old lady get some things loaded into her vehicle on my way back home. I cut through the parking lot of the grocery store all the time, so on my way through I paused to help her get some heavy bags loaded, and put her cart away for her. She said it was so sweet of me to help her, and put something in my pocket before climbing in her car and driving off.

When I looked, it was a $10. I went to hand it to my mom for family funds, and she said like hell she was taking any more money from me this part of the month, put it towards something I wanted to do. I could hand her some of my next paycheck for rent and stuff, since I get paid again on the 30th.

Well, I was already able to do something for me with a bit of this week's check and some other saved funds, but my mother insisted I do something that I wanted to, getting rid of all these ads and whatnot so that I can use my dA again and not have it be slow.

Now to just get my scanner from my grandparents' place and scan in the art for the Weirdiverse reboot, finish up some script work with the bunny, and get that going again. I'm hoping to have Weirdiverse going again by my birthday.

So here I am with dA membership again. I may try and design a journal skin for myself, too. Never have done that, and it would be fun to try.
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  • Listening to: Kissin' Dynamite videos on Youtube.
  • Reading: Rough drafts of my stuff.
  • Watching: My computer screen.
  • Playing: I wish I had time to play.
  • Eating: Chocolate bar with berries in it.
  • Drinking: A liter of diet coke.

Does anyone who is currently watching me remember what Weirdiverse is? 

3 deviants said What the heck is Weirdiverse?
2 deviants said Yes, now get off your arse and draw the crew again now that you have somewhat better art! Bring back the comic already, it's been way more than a month or two!
1 deviant said Sure, I sort of remember that.



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