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So, I've figured out why people who have their mail forwarded on to a new address tend not to get their mail until weeks or even months later. (I won't go into the stories of people who don't get it until years later, although I have heard them and it now no longer seems unreasonable even in this modern day and age.)

For the sake of this story, let's name the three towns involved Fantastic Urban, Hicksville, and Oldiesville. Previously, I lived in Oldiesville, and all the mail from out of the state has to go through Fantastic Urban to get to me. Oldiesville didn't have the best postal service, but at least they could get mail that passed through Fantastic Urban at midnight out by the morning pick-up, since Fantastic Urban is an hour and a half away driving time, nearly two hours. That's great, right?

Then I moved to Hicksville recently. There were some issues with the mailbox and previous tenants, so I installed a mail box that locks. This means I watch for the postal woman like a hawk when I'm expecting a package, since I don't want to take a slip up to the postal office to retrieve my mail later in the afternoon when she takes it back to the post office after her route is done.

I had ordered something when I was still using an Oldiesville P.O. box, and it only arrived yesterday. No big deal, I set things up to have everything that could be sent to the old address forwarded on to Hicksville. They promptly forwarded it on at 8:49 yesterday morning according to the tracking info. I thought that was fantastic- it should surely be to Hicksville today, right? I mean, Oldiesville is literally only five miles down the road, and if they can get stuff from over an hour away out in a timely fashion, Hicksville is just down the road. It was before the delivery time for the morning, too, meaning it left the same day.

So here I am, stalking the tracking and the postal woman.....

.....who waves as she goes by my house, but does not stop.

Wait, what? How can she not have my package from Oldiesville, barely ten minutes away? Wanting answers, I trudged up the hill through the snow to the post office. When I asked about how long forwarded mail from Oldiesville took to be sent to the new address, the woman behind the counter promptly said 5-10 days.

Surely I'd heard her wrong. So I asked again that if mail had been sent from Oldiesville yesterday, to be sent to an address in Hicksville since someone had moved, it would take 5-10 days? The response was a startling 'yes'.

If it takes 5-10 days for mail to be forwarded from a town like Oldiesville to a town like Hicksville, a scant ten minutes away and literally just up the road, small wonder no one gets their mail for months if they move from somewhere like Hicksville or Oldiesville to Fantastic Urban!

Now I get the joy of waiting again. Don't call it pony express, that's an insult to the horses. I'm not even sure if snail mail isn't even an insult to the snail after witnessing this. It's a small town with only three drivers for a route that's done before noon, how much mail could you possible have to cope with that it takes that long?

We need teleporters to send mail with. Sure, a package or two might get lost, but that happens with the normal mail services anyways. :XD:
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